Today I made my way north to the Knox County Sever areas to find the owls and shrike reported earlier by Frankie and Peter.

The Newark Sever Northern Shrike was not in evidence for me but in the sunflower field 
Planted by MDC and wherethe shrike has been hanging out there were hundreds of Amer Goldfinches swirling around and feeding.  So if theshrike had been feeding there he had Maybe moved on.Nice to see that many goldfinches since Columbia doesn't  seem to have them in big numbers.

At Hurdland Sever Frankie had 2 Long eared owls spotted so I did get to see those.  Easily accessible even for me.

As I left Hurdland Sever to return to Newark Sever not wanting to give up on the Shrike, I did see one along the road route A about a quarter mile from the south end of Hurdland Sever.

So the point of this ramble is 2 points.  First, luck is all important and second a good spotter is essential in locating these birds.

Thank you Frankie. You made my day.  And Keep posting.

Anne Downing
Columbia Mo

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