Hi Yvonne,

The two apps I use at this point are birdJam and iBird Explorer PRO. I will 
probably add Sibley now that they've fixed some bugs and the reviews are 
better. Also, BirdsEye looks to be very helpful when folks get more consistent 
at reporting on Ebird, myself included on that! 

birdJam is expensive but it has come down in price since I bought it. It uses the 
Stokes cd's for the bird songs and the software is really versatile. You must go 
to their online store to purchase, whereas the other apps can be bought thru 
iTunes. I also have their HeadsUp Warblers and Twitch, a game.

It all depends on your needs, mainly visual and/or audio guide. 

Best of luck!
Margy Terpstra
St. Louis CO, MO
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