Hello MoBirders,

I'm on the go, so I can't post a full review, but in the last 6 months I have had both android and iPhone. I used iBird Pro and sibley on android, and currently have both on the iPhone. I no longer carry a field guide in the field, because my phone, with these two apps- has everything. 

Enter two more birding programs for smartphones: birdcountr and BirdsEye. Birdcountr in short is helpful once you learn how to use it, to count individuals of each species and export a trip/day list to eBird. It's slow to use and sucks the battery life of your device, but I really enjoy it. I don't believe this app is on android yet. 

Birdseye is fantastic. It syncs with eBird data to show you rare/uncommon birds in your area. It helps you find birds you haven't seen yet. It took me under an hour to enter my NA life list and it shows me where birds are that I haven't seen yet, as well as rarities in north America. I saw a dusky thrush last week because of this app. 

Gotta run, but happy to share my thoughts further about these birding tools on our phones. It's pretty sweet!

Christian Hagenlocher
St Louis, mo  

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