My wife gave me a great Christmas present today.  

12 Gadwall, 11 + Canada Geese, 10 + Common Mergansers, 9 + Common 
Goldeneye, 8 common Grackles, a bunch of European Starlings, 6 + swimming 
Mallards, 1 lonely Kestral, 4 Snowy owls, 3 Silly Coots, 2 Hooded Mergansers 
and a single Immature Bald Eagle. :) 

4 Snowys is my personal best.  Couldn't get #5, but not for lack of trying.

1 on the Dam, 1 across the inlet from Little Platte Marina, 1 on the end of 
Crows Creek Campground on the end of the jetty and 1 on the end of the 
Penisula at Grows Creek Shelter #9 in the grass. Could see all four of them at 
the same time from the same location, just on the North end of the Dam.

Then driving to Jefferson City tonight around 10 pm we were going by the 
Holiday Inn Express in Columbia when I mentioned to my wife that people had 
seen a Snowy there.  She immediately looked over and exclaimed that she 
saw something big and white flying into the a tree on the front of the Inn.  So 
we circled back around, but were unable to locate it.  She may only be a 
birder by marriage, but she has pretty good instincts, so I think she saw it 
flying in the lighted trees in the front of Holiday Inn.

Merry Christmas and Good Birding,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO

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