Hello to All: This is a short note to explain my
lack of action during the last six months. Some
of you have asked, thanks for your encouragement.
As Always,  Have Fun: Go Birding 
Frances and I are intensely looking forward
to the New Year of 2012.

Starting last July we both had unexpected 
and severe health issues that are not yet fully 
resolved.   Frances was in the hospital 50 days, 
and so far has been in rehab for 25 days.   When
she is sufficiently recovered she has one more
required surgical  procedure to endure.  Prior to 
Fran's problems,  I was in the hospital for 25 days 
plus 12 days in rehab. My full recovery is still,
hopefully, some months in the future.

My ability to walk any meaningful distance has 
strongly limited my birding and photography 
activities.  We are both eagerly looking forward to 
resuming our passions for "photo-birding" and travel.

We have been blessed by the continued prayers from 
our friends and family.    We thank  each of  you for  
those sincere expressions of kindness and compassion.

At age 79, we are learning to live just one day at a time, 
and to enjoy each one.   Our many Thanks to God for 
his numerous blessings.   Our  wish is for a joyous 
New Year to each of you.
                            Sincerely,     Paul and Frances
Paul Bauer    Florissant [St. Louis county ] Missouri

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