I still don't have two of the checklists, but I do know the following were seen on the Big Oak CBC:


1 Orange-crowned Warbler

1 Lincoln's Sparrow


Also, a probable record count of over a thousand Ring-billed Gulls, and over 100 Ross's Geese.


Most of you don't know this, but the count circle is entirely within the floodway that was flooded when the Byrd's Point Levee was blown last summer. Every house in the circle showed damage (most now are abandoned), and MDC personnel at Ten Mile Pond report they have seen no rabbits, no Northern Bobwhite, and even no mice since the flood. We did not see nearly the number of raptors on the count, which might be due to the lack of prey. Shrikes seemed to be unaffected, however, and we had around 10 on the count.


I'll report any other good sightings when I get the checklists, and hope to see some people on the Mingo County tomorrow.


----Bill Eddleman, Cape Girardeau

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