Hello Mobirders:
     Upon arriving home from work shortly before midnight Tuesday, I stepped out of my car and immediately heard a screech owl calling nearby my house in Glen Carbon, Ill., about 15 miles east of St. Louis.
     I heard a total of seven or eight calls over a period of two or three minutes. Several of them seemed to be coming from close by, just a few houses down, while several others sounded like they could be coming from the bike trail a quarter-mile or so away. Could have been two individuals, or perhaps bird was moving, or perhaps the volume of its calls just varied and fooled me that way.
     I'm hoping they will stay around the neighborhood. In recent months, I've probably heard more barred owls calling near my house than I have great horned owls.
     ---Steve Whitworth, assistant city editor, The Telegraph, Alton, Ill.
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