Thank you to Dick Coles, who left a message on my car at the Blue Grosbeak
Trail.  Yes, I was there with Mike Grant and Doug Corbett.  We made the
mistake of wandering WAY up the right fork of the trail, messed around for
about 2 hours without seeing the bird.  Finally decided, as others have
before us, to give up.  As we headed back towards the parking lot, several
hunters told us the birdwatchers were watching a ground-dove by the gravel
pile..  We watched that spot for a while, then gave up, deciding to make a
potty stop and get a treat, then return for another look.  As we were ready
to drive away, we looked up the trail, and there it was.  I believe Mike
got some photos.

I didn't see Dick's note under the wiper blade until I was driving east,
heading to IL to look for the bluebird.  It was interesting that the OCD in
me really wanted to stop along the highway to read that note, but I waited
until later (a good exercise in delaying gratification, since Christmas is
coming....).  Anyway, we did see the female Mountain Bluebird just off
Bischoff Rd., farther down the road than the gray house:  on the wire by a
brick house with gray outbuildings.  She was prettier when she flew: then
at least you got a glimpse of blue.

A nice morning to be out.

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO., MO
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On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 2:24 PM, Jackie Chain <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Richard Coles phoned this morning about 930 to say after having been
> passed by a hunter or two without dogs on the Blue Grosbeak Trail, Weldon
> Spring St Charles County, he turned around to go back to the parking lot
> and the dove was 12 yards away.  He enjoyed watching it for 20 minutes or
> so.  It was at least his third try.
> Jackie Chain
> St Louis County
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