Good idea about the fee, Edge! 

I received a question about starting a new circle.  I've learned that the registration deadline is Dec 1, so it is too late to do that this year.  However, the guidelines suggest locating the circle and doing a trial run before registering.  A group could still do that this winter and have plenty of time to refine it before the deadline in 2012.   When you register for a new circle you state with assurance that you expect at least 10 participants.  That might be one hurdle for new circles, although with careful selection of date and the right promotion,  others in the state (or adjoining states, even) might help out.  

I have no personal experience as a compiler, let alone with starting a new circle.  I'm only passing on information from the CBC website.  If some of you have done so and have suggestions, please respond. 

Find the registration procedure here:
scroll down to this question: I'd like to set up a new Christmas Bird Count circle, what do I do?  

June Newman

On Dec 13, 2011, at 6:21 PM, Edge wrote:

Participants in the Columbia Christmas Bird Count are shown appreciation for their effort.  The Columbia Audubon Society pays the $5 participation fee.  And then we get it back by charging $6 for the chili supper/count session!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Dec 13, 2011, at 4:57 PM, June Newman wrote:

> In about 1997 or 1998, substituting in a biology classroom at Lawrence High (Kansas),  I overheard Dr Stan Roth soliciting participants for something called a Christmas Bird Count, and I signed on, something like buying a pig in a poke.  The high on count day was 11 degrees at Camp Naish, Bonner Springs, KS.   I remember Dr. Roth navigated that rugged, snowy terrain at a brisk pace,  as nearly like the crow flies as possible---seemingly oblivious to trails.  My only specific bird recollection is of a little brown bird hopping along a bit of open water in a creek.  Stan called out "Winter Wren."  I'd never even heard of it!  But that little wren and a troop of hardy, friendly birders drew me in and hooked me. 
> You do not have to have experience or expertise to participate!  Find a count nearby, or in a place you'd like to visit.  Contact the compiler ahead of time to facilitate planning and show up.   It's a wonderful introduction to a group of people and their passion for birds.
> Here is one list of 27 circles in Missouri:
> There may be others.  
> Each participant pays $5 to help cover administrative costs. 
> Email me if you need more help. 
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> June Newman
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