There are quite a few birds in my Christmas ornament collection too. This year most have migrated from the tree to the door wreath and stair garland.


Speaking of bird-themed decorations, I was recently comparing notes with Mick Richardson about our Thanksgiving trips. Cathy and I went to Boston, taking a Black Friday trip to Parker River NWR where we saw two Snowy Owls and 130-some Snow Buntings, along with loads of sea ducks and loons. Mick went to Philadelphia where the winter birding was also exciting, but apparently some of the most stunning birds in Philly were tattooed on the bodies of local birders. He reported:


"One woman had a Cedar Waxwing on her inner, upper arm. A man had a full size Magnolia Warbler on the outside of his upper arm. Both these birds were in full color and had full color backgrounds. Another guy had a lot of black tattoos. One leg had a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. The other had some sort of Drongo with long tail feathers."


It makes me wonder. Do any  MOBirders celebrate their ornithological obsessions with body art?


Dave Scheu

St. Louis, MO

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