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I had some business up north and swung through Smithville lake to check on the Owls. First stop was Shelter 9 south of the official Crow's creek. The point at Shelter 9 is a very good location to see quite a bit of the lake. I arrived at 2:07 PM and there was a bird directly north on the rock jetty about 400 yards away.

Just as I was leaving someone else drove up and announced there was a Snowy Owl sitting on the dam. So I drove down that way and there on the large rocks facing the lake, was a Snowy Owl. I had no camera gear with me so I stuck my iphone out of the window and took a quick shot. When I left at 2:47 PM it was still sitting on the dam, about 50 feet from the water and 200 feet from the roadway.

Hope that helps those who might need to see this great species.

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