I made the drive to Smithville today and was rewarded with two snowy owls!!! I didn't get very long looks as they got spooked and someone else was using my scope most of the time before that, but I was just so happy to see them and to experience this irruption. Also I had the pleasure of meeting Larry Lade and his wife. They pointed out the owls for me. 

During the drive, I counted raptors and had a total of 70 by the time I got home:

Majority were red-taileds
2nd most were buteo sps that were probably red-taileds
Many kestrels maybe 10 or 12
2 snowy owls
2 harriers
1 barred owl
1 red shouldered
1 accipitor sp (leaning toward sharpie)

All in all great day. 

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County

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