Lane Richter, a staff member at the Audubon Center at Riverlands, sent the
following to the volunteers who participated in the Trumpeter Swan count in
the Confluence area Tuesday, Dec 13.   The biggest number of swans in one
place was around 500 at Two Rivers NWR.   Charlie Deutsch reported that one
of the RMBS rangers had 270 in the RMBS area around 7:00 am, but most had
scattered by the time the count was conducted at just after 9:00 am.

John Solodar 
University City
St. Louis County, MO

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Hello Swan Watch volunteers,
Thanks for your help monitoring yesterday, and for returning the observation
forms so quickly!  Overall we had just over 700 Trumpeter Swans recorded
across the 6 monitoring sites.
We also appreciated all the great feedback as many of you returned from the
field. Please let us know if there are any other questions or comments you
had about the form or site.
I think the first monitoring period was a success!
Thanks again,

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