....waiting for the listserv owners to put a stop to a discussion about
Christmas trees.....but, until then, I'll comment too.  My Christmas tree
sports a collection of Snowmen, Santas, a few angels and MANY birds.  The
wreath above the fireplace has birds on it.  Yesterday, I placed a peacock
on the tree and got to thinking about that gorgeous bird.  I have signed up
for a birding trip to India in Feb. 2013, and I have already printed out
the bird list from the 2011 trip; I checked the list, and that group saw
Indian Peafowl almost every day of the trip!  Can't wait!  It's always cool
to see a really exotic bird in its own habitat.  On a recent trip to
Curacao, we saw Caribbean Flamingos; their color was so much more intense
than the Greaters and Lessers I saw in South Africa last year.

I, too, put our tree outside by the feeders last winter after the holiday,
and the birds did use it for cover.

Happy Holidays to all my Missouri Birding Friends.

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO.,MO
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On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 6:53 AM, Mike and Lottie Bushmann <
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> We also put our Christmas tree to further use.  I move it onto the deck
> (just off my family room and under the feeders) a day or two after
> Christmas.We then trim it with bird seed ornaments that we make ourselves
> that are hung with raffia.  I leave it up for weeks.  It draws more birds
> up close to the feeders and I can get some wonderful pictures.  I have a
> good recipe that makes the hard ornaments if anyone is interested.  If I
> have young ones here for New Years I can usually get them to string
> cranberries and popcorn to put out there as well.  It's really quite
> festive.
> Lottie Bushmann
> Columbia, MO
> On Dec 12, 2011, at 6:08 AM, Margy Terpstra wrote:
>  Fear not, Dency. I have birds on both of our decorated trees that I also
>> have
>> collected over the years. My favorites are the unique ones that are
>> handmade
>> by different artists; dear friends and our kids have given me many. I
>> have a 4'
>> 'woodland tree' in the breakfast room that is dedicated to birds and other
>> critters we've seen in the woods.
>> Last year, we asked our neighbor for her live Christmas tree when she
>> took it
>> down and Dan staked it out by the feeder. The birds used it into March for
>> cover, I would sprinkle mixed bird seed on it after snow fell. It was a
>> big hit
>> and we hope to have more leftover trees this year to put out there for
>> them.
>> Margy Terpstra
>> Kirkwood, St. Louis Co, MO
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