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German for Professional Purposes:
Teaching via Crisis Issues in Courses on German for Professional Purposes

The word “crisis” has been dominating news on the German, European, transatlantic and global world of business and economics.  How can we harness these crisis issues productively and engagingly in our courses in order to increase our students’ understanding of the national specificity of these issues and at the same time relate them to the US or global context?

15-minute presentations could address such aspects as:
o       Identifying productive crisis issues, including but also beyond the EU financial crisis
o       Rationale for including crisis topics in the US academic context
o       Examples of successful teaching units, including oral and written tasks
o       Criteria for text selection, e.g., genre, multimedia, etc.
o       Challenges to instructors and students in teaching via crisis issues

Please send 250 word abstracts to Katja Fullard ([log in to unmask] )
by December 5.

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