Call for Papers
GSA-Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 2012
"Germans in East-Africa"

Since Bernhard Grzimek stated fervently that "Serengeti Shall not Die!" Germans have been travelling to East Africa in large numbers to admire its wildlife, landscapes, and beaches. But Germans travel to East Africa not only as safari tourists. While Grzimek's award-winning documentary has sparked a rather large tourism industry (along with a wildlife conservation movement), many Germans, some of whom originally came to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda as tourists, decided to settle in these countries.

We invite proposals that address dimensions of the German presence in and its impact on East Africa in the broadest sense, as well as the discourse about this presence. Presentations on the longer history of the German presence in East Africa, during the precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial periods, are also welcome. Possible key words for discussion are the relationship of German activities in East Africa to globalization, transnationalism, humanitarian work, and international migration. We hope to generate an interdisciplinary conversation on the topic, and invite contributions from scholars who work in History, Anthropology, Literary Studies, and other disciplines and fields.

Please send proposals of up to 250 words, along with a brief CV, to Nina Berman [Berman.58(at)] and Natalie Eppelsheimer [eppelshe(at)] by January 16, 2012. Please note that you must be a current GSA member in order to be accepted.

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