Snowy, sloppy greetings!
It would appear that the wet, snowy conditions are keeping many species holed up or at least out of sight maybe nearer seed feeders with regards to my daily lunch-time visits to Dexter City Lake. Barely able to eek out 5 to 7 species in the 20 or so minutes there.
This last week's nine (9) Cackling Geese have added one more individual to the small flock today for a total of ten (10). Considering that on 11/19/11 there were only three Cackling Geese present, they appear to like what Dexter City Lake has to offer as their numbers have gradually increased.
There is a Ring-necked Duck also on the lake that appears to be a first winter drake. It seems to be comfortable here as well as a resident the Pied-billed Grebe and a visiting PB Grebe are keeping close proximity.
I'm not sure if ten is considered a large number for Cackling Geese, but I'll be sure to turn into the seasonal compiler nonetheless.
Safe driving to all, especially those traveling in the winter mix of rain, snow and ice!
Bird On!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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