John Vogel from MO Dept of Conservation called me today twice.  He initially thought that what we birders call the Blue Grosbeak Trail was not an official trail, but he did some additional 
checking.  He said he misspoke about the Blue Grosbeak Trail not being 
an officially designated trail -- it is.  

Therefore, he is going to have
 "NO HUNTING FROM 100 FEET OF THE TRAIL" signs placed in the parking 
lot, where the two roads come together at the top of the first hill, and
 also where the trail divides at the bottom of the hill.

Mr. Vogel is very professional and called me to make sure that I truly had no injuries whatsoever (I have none).  I got the impression that MDC will be keeping tabs on the current situation at Weldon Spring.

I now have my orange knit cap & orange vest, so I'm ready to go back.  Hope I don't have to buy kevlar, too!

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