Brian Davis and I birded the Carl Junction Water Treatment Facility,
    this morning.  Our best bird was not a puddle duck but
    5 Least Sandpipers.
    The puddle ducks checked in nicely.  The water has been drawn down
    favoring the puddle ducks, so, not too many bay ducks present this season so far. 
     65    Canada Goose (and two probable Cackling Goose)
     20    Gadwall
    145    Mallard
    150    N. Shoveler
     02    N. Pintail
     10    Green-winged Teal
     06    Redhead
     03    Lesser Scaup
     01    Hooded Merganser
     01    Great Blue Heron
     01    American Kestrel
     07    Killdeer
     02    Wilson's Snipe
     11    Rock Pigeon
     02    Mourning Dove
     01    Red-bellied Woodpecker
     03    Blue Jay
     04    American Crow
     01    Eastern Bluebird
     01    American Robin
     01    Northern Mockingbird
     35    European Starling
     08    Dark-eyed Junco
     02    N. Cardinal
     02    American Goldfinch
     01    House Sparrow
     Larry Herbert,  ebird and  Brian Davis. 11-28-11.
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