Carl Junction, Jasper County, lagoon report:

    01    Great Blue Heron
    60    Canada Goose
    55    Gadwall
    70    Mallard
    70    Northern Shoveler
    10    Ring-necked Duck
    10    Lesser Scaup
    05    Killdeer
    The other ducks are eluding me.

    Kansas list has had two Snowy Owls.  One a road
    kill and the other emaciated and later died.  

    I observed four Wild Turkeys just east of Joplin.  We
    used to have a north Joplin flock of 30 to 40.  I haven't
    seen them for a while.  Maybe these were part of that

    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.

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