Mary Anne and I went back to Riverlands MBS this morning at 7:45.  The Cattle Egret was still at the pond east of Heron Pond, but we were not able to re-find the Sandhill Crane.  I thought I might have heard the Sandhill Crane once in the tall grass near Heron Pond (but not positively sure).  We found one Tundra Swan with Trumpeter Swans in the same pond as the Cattle Egret.  About 8:15 to 8:30 we watched the four Surf Scoters at the far end of the rip-rap that extends off of the near side of the dam.  They swam into Ellis Bay.  There was a female Long-tailed Duck swimming with them.  It looked to be a 1st winter female.  I walked out onto the rip-rap to try to get closer, but never seemed to get close enough for a decent photo.  On Teal Pond, we saw the Common Loon.  We did not refind the Black Scoters under the bridge.

David & Mary Anne Marjamaa
Manchester, MO
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ASM Spring Meeting: April 27, 2012 in Joplin, MO