Re: Dragonfly Marsh location
MY understanding is that this named pool is WEST of Heron Pond.
The pool where the SANDHILL CRANE was is the pool just EAST
of Heron Pond which is I think unnamed. (unofficially "Tri-colored Heron Pond")
(too tired to look for a RMBS map)
Thanks for the phone call Al and thanks to the CORP folks for alerting him.

With the Sandhill Crane was one lone CATTLE EGRET.

Ditto on the scoters.
NO L-T DUCK near the dam but did not look elsewhere.
One loon in Teal Pond (no time to ID).

Besides adult, think there were a couple other LBB Gulls (2nd or 1st cycle) in the roost.
Did not have enough time/light and scope functioning well enough to find
anything else.

Swans almost everywhere.
Snow and Ross's Geese in the very front of Heron Pond.

Safe travels.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

Subject: Sandhill Crane at Riverlands

From: Al and Lois Smith <alandlois AT CHARTER.NET>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 18:59:04 -0600
A CORE crew stopped by on their way home and Ben mentioned that they thought
they saw and heard a Sandhill Crane.  Minutes later as I was scoping the
gull raft out in Ellis Bay I heard a weird cackling sound across the street.
Quickly glassing Dragonfly Marsh I spotted the Sandhill on the opposite
shore. Not much light left.

Four Surf Scoters just above rock jetty at edge of dam.

Four Black Scoters still above Clark Bridge. Lesser Black-backed Gull in
Ellis Bay gull raft. Did not find the Long-tailed Duck.

Gallery - Just started processing so will be awhile before complete. Check
back later.

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County  (admin)

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