Sorry for so many posts..........maybe others could post their results.


Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles co.
Blue Grosbeak Trail

Chrissy and Andrew re-found the COMMON GROUND DOVE again
about halfway up the hill when they were coming back
to their, would look from the parking lot to the split and 
a bit
farther. Really seems to want to feed in the gravel pathway.
Maybe spreading some seed mixture with the yellow milo in it (NOT the red
millet) would keep it in the pathway...That is what my doves seem to 
like to
eat along with niger seed.

Connie Alwood had a 1st winter HARRIS'S SPARROW
100 ft. before of the split on the right hand trail as he
was coming back to the parking lot.
(on his way back to the parking lot, so should be south I think)
So there are at least 2 Harris's in this area.
Would look through any group of White-crowns or sparrows
in general.

Only ONE hunter so it was not all that bad.
Maybe they stayed home because of the forecasted rain.
No guarantee for other days.

Wonder if there is not some other western wanderer at Busch.
Sage Thrasher, Mt. Bluebird, Townsend's Solitaire......?

Enough..... posted enough for 2-3 weeks worth in the last couple days.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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