Riverlands MBS, St. Charles co.
Pretty birdy toward the end of the day.
Wish I had more time and daylight.

Gull roost was extensive on the MO side in Ellis Bay
across from the next pond east of Heron Pond (where
the Tri-colored was this summer)
May have been a couple other good gulls in there.
Ducks that were scattered about joined the gulls as well.

Found the 1st cycle BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE in the back
of the gull roost. Rather dark bird with a prominent noceal (sp?) collar
spinning and feeding much like a phalarope. (no gull book handy & too tired)
Maybe it will use the dam during the day on the IL side if there
is food to hold it there.
Found it using Al's SCOPE (thanks Al) because I forgot my tripod
and only had the window mount. Nice looks with Chrissy
and Andrew's new scope with the wide angle lens. (thanks guys)
AND thanks for loan of a was COLD out there.
Al got some decent photos despite the poor lighting and distance.

Other highlights:
2 (one adult female and one blotchy juvie female) Common Mergs - Teal Pond
4 BLACK SCOTERS - Clark Bridge with male Redhead
2 CATTLE EGRETS - kinda' late
Snow geese flying over.
80+ Swans with a maybe Tundra on Cora Island Road.

Jim almost creamed a deer, so beware

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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