Doug Willis has posted some of his digiscoped pictures of today's Smithville Lake jaeger here:

He and I are both fairly confident this is a straight-forward POMARINE JAEGER. Overall jizz is an extremely heavy bird, barrel chested, thick-necked, and as large as a Ring-billed Gull. Bill is sharply two-toned (with demarkation visible even at long distances), thick, and "stubby". And, Doug's excellent pics show the "double patch" on the underwing (pale primary coverts and pale primary bases). It also lacks a strong white "flash" on the upper wing.

Linda Williams also got some nice shots of the bird that do a great job of showing its overall shape hopefully she can post those somewhere online.

The Pomarine Jaeger was there at sunset. Hope all attempts to relocate in the morning are fruitful!

Best of luck,

Kristi Mayo
Kearney MO (Clay Co.)
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