Old Business.  
Folks had no problem IDing the cryptic White-winged Scoter pics.

Vesper Sparrows.
White outer rectrice, this  bird from Orton rd.
Here Audubon's Bay-winged Bunting (note the bay lesser coverts)

Merlin from Monroe county while biking. Gone when I drove  back
These Brewer's Blackbirds remained.

Here a Loon showing faint chin strap
and a grey puffy hind-neck.  Glad it isn't 1/2 mile out on a lake

Here a Scaup showing marks of both Lesser and Greater.  Why is it a juvenile?

Here 6 waterfowl, 5 species.  What's the double?

LBIMO (like bird in my opinion)
Bill Rudden
St. Louis MO
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