South Farm R-1 Lake was nearly empty of birds around 9am this morning! Only some AMERICAN COOTS, a few GADWALL and NORTHERN SHOVELERS, a couple MALLARDS and three AYTHYA SP. (didn't scope to ID).

Bass Lane held a couple hundred CEDAR WAXWINGS (carefully scanned for something more interesting). The resident NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD on the east end of the road posed for a photo:

I again found a HARRIS'S SPARROW on the east-west portion of Ben Williams Rd. in essentially the exact same spot as last Sunday. It was with WHITE-CROWNED and SWAMP SPARROWS across from the brush pile about halfway down that section of road. On the southern end of the north-south portion of Ben Williams Rd. I had a small (~8) flock of LAPLAND LONGSPURS fly low over the field on the west side of the road. 

A gorgeous ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK ( ) was at Bradford Farm, although when I left it was perched well to the north on private land after being relentlessly pestered by AMERICAN CROWS.


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