Hi MOBirders:

On the drive up to Riverlands late this morning I spotted a sub-adult BALD EAGLE fighting the wind low over Interstate 270, near W Florissant Rd, north StL Cnty.  Sort of a novel spot, for me anyway.

The 4 BLACK SCOTER continue just upstream from the Clark Bridge, close to the Missouri side.  I counted 18 swans in the new Heron Pond extension.  My scope shook in the 200 MPH wind, even though I was sitting on the ground with the tripod legs fully retracted.

At stonehenge, 1 HAIRY WOODPECKER and 2 WOOD DUCK.

After leaving stonehenge I pulled to the shoulder near the crossover to Red School Rd.  It was a gloomy hike back down the road where I waited for traffic before peeling off lane # 1 an adult, freshly road-killed, RED-TAILED HAWK.  The bird was perfect, except his head was stuck to the pavement.  He couldn't have suffered, thanks to the happy motorist who crushed his skull with great efficiency, popping it open and squirting the contents in one lightning-fast motion.  I laid the bird in the bush, out of sight.

Mike Thelen
U City, StL Cnty, MO
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