Greetings again!

I ran out to Lake Wappapello visiting Eagle Point overlook as well as the Dam Visitor Center/Redman's recreational area. There were a few waterfowl out on the lake as well as possibly 4 species of gulls (I need to study my gulls again) and two species of loons.

There were 2 juvenile Herring Gulls, several (~10) Ring-billed Gulls, 3 possible Franklin's Gulls, and 1 Bonoparte's Gull.

1 Red-throated Loon (a state first for me) was in company with two Common Loons and there was another Common Loon across the lake. The Red-throated Loon was nearest Eagle Point park around the corner to the right from the overlook.

Good Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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