After the morning visit to CC lake, I went over to Busch Wildlife for part of the mid-morning-afternoon.  Raptors were certainly out.  I counted at least 14 Red-tailed Hawks with at least one a dark-phase and another that appeared light from underneath w/out a belly band at Busch and along highway 40.  Red-Shouldered hawks made several appearances at Busch as well.
I returned to CC park and visited the shelter off of River Valley Drive.  There is a nice wooded oasis on the west side of River Valley that holds fun things from time to time.  Today, it was an American Woodcock.  I had good views the two times I flushed it.  Snipe was on my mind, especially after just seeing some at Hampton Lake at Busch-this certainly wasn't another one of those.  The orange body stood out well in full sun as it flushed.
Nearing sunset, the main lake continued to be quite busy.  Many ducks dropping in and a decent Gull roost was well underway.  No sign of the loons.
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis Co., Mo
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