Amy and Mo birders,
I have no idea what birder or environmental minded person would challenge your 
post about habitat loss; yes it was not about a particular sighting but there have 
been any number of other posts that had nothing to do with any particular 
sighting and nothing rings closer to birding than habitat loss, be it in Central 
Missouri or Central America.

I read your posts this past summer and on many occasions thought of driving to 
Jeff City to view the Painted Bunting that you viewed, in this same habitat that is 
now in danger of being destroyed.  When a habitat that is bird rich, is destroyed, 
it is a loss not just to the natural inhabitants that call it home but to those of us 
who enjoy observing said inhabitants.

As my native American Mother taught me, we are all interconnected from the 
least  to the greatest; when the web is broken we are all effected.

Carol Weston
Columbia, MO
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