Around 7:15am I stopped by South Farm R-1 Lake in Boone Co. for the fourth day in a row. And, not surprisingly, I found a different combination of birds there for the fourth time! The turnover at this little lake is impressive. Some birds stay, some leave, and new birds always show up. Today the new birds were (exact count) 245 CANADA GEESE, along with the holdovers (GREATER YELLOWLEGS (3rd day in a row), RUDDY DUCKS, a RING-NECKED DUCK, GADWALL and NORTHERN SHOVELERS). The next pond over to the east held 37 CANADA GEESE and 3 GADWALL. The east end of the road, near Rolling Hills, had a group of ~80 AMERICAN GOLDFINCH and I detected one PINE SISKIN in the group by ear, although I did not see it.

The power substation at the intersection of Rolling Hills Rd. and Old Miller remains the best spot I know of in Columbia to see a lot of EURASIAN COLLARED DOVES. I counted 17 there this morning.

Bradford Farm was fairly quiet, save for the howling wind. I only found SONG and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS at the brush pile on the north end.

I stopped at about a dozen hedgerows/brush piles around Bradford Farm and surrounding areas when I saw White-crowned Sparrows. Only one of them, about half-way down the east-west portion of Ben Williams Rd., held a HARRIS'S SPARROW (naturally, I drive halfway across the state yesterday specifically to see that species, then I find one today 10 minutes from my house). The brush pile also held RED FOX SPARROWS, FIELD SPARROWS, SONG SPARROWS, SAVANNAH SPARROWS, SWAMP SPARROWS, WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS, WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS and a VESPER SPARROW at 8am. I could not relocate the Harris's Sparrow at 9am.

Here is a link to my eBird checklist for today on Ben Williams Rd. It should contain a photograph of the Harris's Sparrow (and a couple other sparrows). If you click this link and you do NOT see some photos, please let me know (testing something in eBird):

Last night Kyle McCommis told me he checked Logan Rd. for owls, but that the field had been hayed this year, so there was no habitat. I drove down Logan Rd. today and found a HORNED GREBE on the pond that's a little past the field. I also drove down to Starr Rd., which has also been mowed down this year. Columbians looking for Short-eared Owls may not have much luck in the immediate vicinity of Bradford Farm this year (other than at the farm itself).

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