This popped up on eBird overnight and since I hadn't seen anything on the listserv I thought I'd share it in case anyone was interested. I have no additional information. And now, off to Smithville Lake!

Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius) (1)
- Reported Nov 04, 2011 07:30 by Jon King
- Montrose CA, Henry, Missouri
- Map:,-93.9582531&ll=38.3047484,-93.9582531
- Comments : "Awesome looking bird!! Observed from very close - was in shallow water on western causeway in excellent morning sunlight. Juvenile bird w/ gray back w/ pale fringing visible, dark ear patch, thicker bill (we even saw yellow base), and very fine/pale flank streaking. Flew in while observing other birds on mudflat area and then out to main body of lake. Photographed by Mark Robbins."

Good birding,

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