I ran out to the Thompson River Wetland this evening after work. This was just as the cold rain was starting, so thought something might blow in even though most of area is dried up. I spotted some shorebirds at one of the small pools and besides Killdeer there were 4 Dunlin, a Long-billed Dowitcher, and 7 Greater Yellowlegs. When the rain started coming down harder I watched a flock of 28 more GRYE come in. Robbins and Easterla list them as casual in Nov., but think that has changed quite a bit since the book was published. I left not long after that as visibility was getting pretty bad and I was getting pretty wet and cold!

I had seen a few other birds earlier -
Green-winged Teal - 35
Great Egret - 2
GB Heron - 6
Bald Eagle - 1 immature
Red-tailed Hawk - dark phase
Rusty Blackbirds - few

I saw where they are pumping water into the area from the river. that actually seemed pretty selfish to me since the water level is so low already. Hopefully this rain will help some.

Steve Kinder
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