For anyone interested, even though the interior of the refuge is now closed, you 
can still view Swan Lake Pool from the main levee on the west side of the 
refuge. You can also walk down the Nature Trail from behind the Visitor Center 
and view it from the south side from the Observation Tower.

Steve Kinder

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Swan Lake Waterfowl Count  11-7-11

Ducks  44,200  50% Mallards, 30% Pintails, 10 % other Dabblers,  10% Divers  
(Lots of divers on Silver Lake)  80% of our birds are on Silver and Swan Lake 
Coots  1,500
Eagles 34
White Fronts  3,000
Snow Geese  2,200


Steve Whitson
Refuge Manager
Swan Lake NWR
16194 Swan Lake Avenue
Sumner, MO 64681
(660) 856-3323   Ext. 13

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