Dianne and I saw 2 Short-eared Owls over a CRP field this evening about 10 miles SW of Chillicothe. They did quite a bit of vocalizing and flying around together at first. Nice to see they have returned and that the grass is still there. Have seen several places that were in CRP that have been converted back to row crops the last couple of years. I heard a distant Great Horned Owl calling when I was watching the SEOW.  Flocks of Snow Geese were going over as we were leaving.

This morning I watched a flock of about 50 Lapland Longspurs feeding along and on a gravel road in the Grand River bottoms about 10 miles west of town. They were a little spooky but kept coming back to the same place, so I ended up parking there. I didn't have to wait long before some came within about 20 feet of my vehicle as I sat and watched. Nice!
  I had another flock of nearly 100 fly across the road at another place as I was driving out. There were some small groups of Horned Larks around also.

Another one of my favorite times of year!
Steve Kinder
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