I took Stella, the dog, out to the field across the lake from the golfcourse last evening in the Wind, and again this morning. Last eve on the water there were 8 Coots, 24 PB Grebes, and 35 Gadwall. This a.m. I saw only half a dozen PBGR. A Kingfisher was present both times.

This morning was pretty sparse birding except for some Waxwings feeding on Honeysuckle berries and nice variety of Sparrows -
Am. Tree
Le Conte's - a dozen
DE Junco - becoming more numerous now

It has turned out to be a good season around here for HASP and one of best I can remember for FOSP
Have a couple WTSP coming to the yard under the feeders now, several days later than last year, only seeing couple of DEJU so far.

Steve  Kinder
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