Dear John,
I would think you could learn more about that from theater people than TSE enthusiasts.  You might want to ask some theater faculty or directors.
My guess is that they are not only rather outdated for contemporary audiences but are in verse.  I imagine directors would doubt that they would draw.  That's only a guess based on what is produced.

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I'm writing a Master's Thesis on Eliot's 4 drawing room plays (Family Reunion, Cocktail Party, Confidential Clerk, Elder Statesman).  Does anyone have thoughts about why they are rarely performed these days.  I set up Google Alerts for all 4 a few months back, and only one production popped up, and that wa 6 rehearsed staged readings of The Cocktail Party by the English-language theater in Abu Dhabi!  Donmar did a series a few years back.  And there was an NYC production a year or so back.