Dear Rick,
Thanks for the kind words.  There is a collection, mentioned in the introduction, that apparently includes it: the Bonnie Kime Scott book.  I got it, however, on the web.  There are two listings, and one is so tiny I was reading it with a magnifying glass.  The other is small but readable.  Just put it into google and you'll find it, as there are not many entries. I was asked to comment before I could at all manage to get a print copy, so I also want to get another that is easier to read. 
I don't know about the Pound.  But I just got it today also, and it looks as if Cyrena Pondrom and John Connor interpreted the request for a commentary as a critical discussion; do they mention Pound? (I assumed I was asked for the sort of review of importance I did, so I'm very glad you liked it.)  I would think it the kind of thing Cyrena might know. 

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Just got my "Time Present" and enjoyed your submission very much. Could you give a collection recommendation for her work that would include "Paris".

Also I do not recall her as among Pound's circle. Do you know if she was also in contact with Pound? Your review sounds like she should have been but perhaps Pound was too interested in promoting HD as his first Imagist , not to say this wasn't a good idea on his part but he did become bore sighted sometimes.

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM