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TS Eliot poetry prize 2011 shortlist
Alison Flood,, 20 October 2011
"Described as the "most demanding of all poetry prizes" by chair of judges 
Gillian Clarke, the 10 nominations for this year's TS Eliot award are a roll-call
of poetry's great and good. "To me an exciting book is one that makes me
want to be a poet – to stop and write a poem at that very moment. It's a
book which is plugging in to the chemistry and excitement about language
which we all need before picking up a pen," said Clarke. "All these books
[we've chosen] are nourishing, exciting and challenging. Some are more
challenging, others more nourishing, but all are tremendously important
to us in their different ways – in quiet ways and in pizzazzy ways."" 
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