From: - Ezra Pound discussion list of the University of Maine on behalf of Betsy Rose

Subject: ALA Conference Ezra Pound sessions 2012

Dear Ezra Pound Listserve members,
As many of you know, the Ezra Pound Society (EPS) is responsible every year
for organizing two American Literature Association (ALA) conference
sessions. The 23rd annual ALA conference will take place in San Francisco,
May 24-27, 2012 the EPS is entitled to organizing two sessions.
This is to inform you that the first session for the 2012 ALA will have the
following title: "Ezra Pound as Glimpsed in H.D.'s Prose." As the title
suggests, the point of this session will be to explore H.D.'s prose, from
Notes on Thought and Vision (1919) to the Hirslanden Notebooks (1957-60), in
an effort to appreciate H.D.'s idiosyncratic reading of her lifelong
relationship with Ezra Pound.
A second session, "The Epistolary Art of Pound and Williams," will focus on
the importance of letter writing to Pound and Williams, whether to express
support or conflict in relations with other artists, reflecting their own
epistolary friendship, or as a presence in the body of each poet's work.
Members of the list are invited to propose papers for one of these sessions.
The deadline for proposals (consisting of a paper title, a 50-75 word
abstract, and a brief, one-page CV) is December 12, 2011. Please forward
your proposals in the form of an attachment to [log in to unmask]
With all best wishes,
Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos