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>On 11/3/2011 3:54 PM, David Boyd wrote:
>> Sarah Brightman is secondrate / puny compared with eg
>> (nice song; shame about the video......)

>My favorite version from way back has been Betty Buckley's. Her voice is
>not as good as others but I think she can't be matched in the expression
>of emotion.  I couldn't find an old version of her rendition on Youtube
>that didn't have terrible audio and video problems but here she is
>recently in what looks like a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber.  He looks
>struck with emotion.  Sarah Brighton also sings on this but only

As I wrote in another post today (in a different thread):
   I have found some videos though that I'll share.  I've been looking
   though Youtube for Eliot videos that have had a really low number
   of views (and thus not as likely to show up in searches.)
That allowed me to find the Betty Buckley version of "Memory" that I
like so much.  It's a recent upload to Youtube.

Betty Buckley - MEMORY (Cats)

Here is a version by Helene Fisher, a German singer who also sings
in English. (The younger Fisher wore longer hair and skirts).

Here Mireille Mathieu sings "Nos Souvenirs," a song sung to the tune
of "Memory but it is a romantic ballad. (The video has French and
English subtitles):

Here are two links to Lara Fabian singing "Memory" in duets with
two talent show contestants:

Finally, here is Lara Fabian again. She goes onstage to sing a hit
of hers, "Je t'aime" but hesitates. The audience starts it for her,
singing "On t'aime" (We love you).  She is amazed and then they go
on to sing together. (Ignore the description unless you also read
the comments):

   Rick Parker