Nancy Gish:

What you said is disgraceful and offensive.  There is no justification for
such hateful remarks. Is this the "good old hearty female stence," or does
it include Rick Parker, who gave one of the sources? Nothing you say can
make it less outrageous: it's disgusting. 

You behave disgracefully and offensively, but this is way over the mark and
not worth discussing as a part of a list.


He's behaving rather like a small boy who has just discovered a naughty word
and goes around using it with  a vacant smile on his face. Such juvenile
performances fall below the level at which it is possible to take offense.

Perhaps his mother was too hash to him when he was being toile trained. His
emarks on Eliot often reduce Eliot to such small boy. You should probably go
back to not reading his juvenile scribblings.