The Binghamton University German Studies Colloquium

*Doppelgängers and Fraternal Twins: Translations in German Studies*

April 20-21, 2012

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2012

Binghamton University SUNY/Department of German and Russian Studies

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*The 2012 Binghamton University German Studies Colloquium theme is
translation: *Translations play a crucial role in German Studies, which
increasingly addresses an audience with little or no knowledge of German.
At the same time, translation has made new material accessible to students
in an unprecedented manner. From literary texts to feature films, news
outlets and popular websites, YouTube, Google and Netflix, we now encounter
a rich range of German sources – all in translation.  Of course, there are
some who frown upon this turn away from a German-language focus.  These are
only some of the questions we seek to explore in the 2012 Binghamton
University German Studies Colloquium:

   - What role, then, does translation – as necessity, practicality,
   process, torment, relief and guilty pleasure – play in German Studies
   - How has the turn toward and increasing interest in the concept of
   translation impacted research and teaching in the field?
   - What kinds of pedagogical approaches do we adopt in the classroom in
   order to make the process of translation present?
   - How do we determine what makes a “good” translation?
   - Are there works that elude translation?
   - What are the best practices in integrating translation in its broadest
   conception in the undergraduate curriculum?
   - How can the added value of book-to-film or similar translations be
   -  Should the craft of translation be part of the German Studies
   - How is the teaching of culture itself reliant on a conception of
   translation that we should (re)consider?
   - What is the history of translation in German Studies? How has
   translation transformed the field?

 *We invite submissions of individual proposals and complete panels (in
German or English) on “Doppelgängers and Fraternal Twins: Translations in
German Studies.” *Please submit an approximately one-page abstract with a
one-paragraph biographical note or a panel proposal with three abstracts
and three biographies (presentations should be no longer than twenty
minutes with three presentations per panel) by January 31, 2012 to Neil
Christian Pages at [log in to unmask] or Harald Zils at
[log in to unmask] We welcome submissions from professional translators,
editors, publishers and all those interested in translation in German

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Now in its third year, the* Binghamton University German Studies Colloquium
(BUGSC)* provides a forum for conversation and exchange among scholars,
teachers, students, translators and others interested in German Studies. It
seeks to foster collaboration among and across programs, departments,
disciplines and institutions. BUGSC will take place on Friday, April 20 and
Saturday, April 21, 2012 on the Binghamton University campus in Binghamton,
NY. Panels will begin on Friday, followed by a keynote lecture on Friday
evening. The conference will continue on Saturday morning and close with a
lunch and a workshop that will address translation in practical and
theoretical terms. Information on the keynote speaker and the workshop will

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