Call For Papers:  Fire, Flames and Ashes:  New Perspectives on Rammstein

We invite scholars and music critics alike to submit 300-word abstracts to us (Prof. Michael T. Putnam/Penn State University: [log in to unmask] / Dr. John Littlejohn/Coastal Carolina University: [log in to unmask]) for prospective essays on aspects of scholarship related to the band Rammstein.
Few European rock bands have captivated the attention of global audiences like the German-based Rammstein. Their 1997 CD Sehnsucht remains to this day the top-selling non-English rock album according to the RIAA. The band’s music, style, and lyrics have attracted millions of fans for almost twenty years, yet controversy and (quite often) a language barrier shroud a deeper understanding of the band and their message. Although previous scholarly work on aspects of Rammstein's career and music does exist – including essays connecting their lyrics with 19th century classics in German literature as well as books and articles revealing how the band’s East German roots influence particular messages embedded in the lyrics – Rammstein's oeuvre has escaped the full-scale, in-depth treatment that it undoubtedly deserves. With this project we intend to bridge this gap in knowledge.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

•       Rammstein's East German past and its influence on their music
•       Their success world-wide in light of their non-English lyrics
•       Their connection with other contemporary bands in Germany and abroad
•       An in-depth look at interviews and videos produced by the band
•       Rammstein and Cinema
•       The German literary tradition in their lyrics and videos
•       The role of sado-masochistic imagery
•       The grotesque and obscene
•       Family and hierarchical relationships
•       History and nostalgia
•       World events and Germany history through the work of Rammstein

Abstracts must be received by December 15, 2011. Authors whose abstracts have been selected for inclusion in the volume will be notified shortly thereafter. The target length of these contributions should be 15-25 pages. Please contact Dr. Littlejohn or Prof. Putnam for any questions you might have.

John Littlejohn, Ph.D.
Coastal Carolina University
World Languages & Cultures

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