CFP GSA 2012 (Oct 4-7, Milwaukee WI): "Palimpsests of Modern Poetry"

   We are seeking submissions to a two panel series for which we invoke the
metaphor of the ?palimpsest?, in all its manifestations, in poetic texts:
as parchment upon which has been written and rewritten; doubly or
re-engraved plates, extending to double-exposed photographs and similar
processes; geological, geographical features that bear markers of multiple
time periods and phenomena. We seek in particular papers that deal with:
linguistic and metalinguistic palimpsest, as it might apply to evolution of
semantics or multi- and metalingual lyrical texts, and indeed the creation
and re-creation of identity and self; and spatial palimpsest, as it might
refer to writing, translating, or redefining place or space, spatial
poetics (including diasporic and postcolonial), determined or indeterminate
?Ort? in or of text. We encourage submissions that deal with 'modern' in
the broadest sense, current but also poetry of earlier centuries, since
modern poetry in and of itself often constitutes something of a palimpsest,
both thematically and formally.
   Please submit 300 word abstract and brief bio by Jan 15th to Jennifer
Hoyer ([log in to unmask]).

   Jennifer M. Hoyer
   Asst. Professor of German
   University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
   425 Kimpel Hall
   Fayetteville, AR 72701

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