MO birders - I drove from Joplin to Prairie State Park from
    10 to 11 this morning and enjoyed lots of raptors.  In 30 miles I counted:
    01    Northern Harrier  brown
    01    Sharp-shinned
    01    Cooper's Hawk
    12    Red-tailed Hawk  adult
    04    Red-tailed Hawk  imm.
    04    Red-tailed Hawk  unk.
    01    Buteo species   
    01    Am. Kestrel       female
    Nice variety.  but not a single TV!
    I would of had a few more if I had a spotter with me.
    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County MO.
    PS  This evening we went to see the movie "The Big Year" and it was
    already not showing.  I don't believe it lasted a week or 10 days in Joplin!
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