I have been working at 4 rivers CA the last two days.  The raptors and  sparrows have been very abundant.  Yeaterday there was a rough-legged hawk hovering over the lake area north of the DU Marsh, and in Unit 4 there was a SEOW sitting on the edge of the levee not 50 ft from the truck.  It was a gerat look at the first SEOW of the season.  In Unit 4 today I hada merlin, many harriers, fox sparrows, as well as field, Am tree, savannah, white-crowned sparrows.  There was an eastern pheobe on the east side of Unit 4.  Waterfowl were at a minimum.  I had 30 pintail fly over yesterday, and several flocks of white fronted geese today and yesterday.  4 rivers has been hit very hard by the drought, and there is NO water on any of the wetlands The area manager said they are trying to flood Field 4 with water from the resevoir to the west of the headquarters, but the ground is absorbing most of the water as it is released.  The Little Osage River and the Marais de Cygnes are neither one flowing so pumping is not an option until it rains alot.      
Neal Young
Johnson Co. MO
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