I saw the movie Friday night in Columbia. There were about 18 people in 
the theatre. I thought it did a much better job than I expected. It 
seemed to me to be very deliberately aimed at birders. Why else would 
you flash up pictures of hundreds of species at the end? I guess I felt 
there wasn't much in it for most non-birders.

I've been involved in all sorts of birding, and I enjoy many types. I 
have always been impressed at how diverse birders are. Whatever your 
politics, religions, sexual preferences, etc, you can still talk about 
birds to most (not all!) birders. There were some factual sillinesses in 
the movie, but all the people portrayed were realistic in some sense, 
though they only represent a subset of us anyway, and only a subset of 
intense tickers, too.

Personally, I value fanatics. Whatever your personal values, as a 
"community", we benefit from and need fanatics just as much as we need 
"normal" people. So next time you find yourself irritated by someone 
like Kenny Bostick, it might be worth trying to really figure out why. 
You might even find a trace of jealousy!

I enjoyed seeing lots of familiar places and birds, and even seeing 
places I haven't been (like Attu). It's the first movie I've ever seen 
which seemed made for me!

Cheers, Chris.

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