Birded Roubidoux Creek CA outside Waynesville, Mo this morning, I don't recommend this place at all, it is sterile of birds. As I was walking along the property line between the CA and a big Gasconade River bottom farm I noticed two acceptor looking birds but much more graceful moving about and then they landed in a tree not 200 feet in front of me an there sat two Merlins, they were in no hurry but soon everyone else knew they were in town especially the Blue Jays. This was my first opportunity to just watch as the Merlins do what Merlins do. One would sit in the tree the draw a crowd of Jays and one errant N. Flicker as the other scouted the area looking for easy pickens, (there were none in this area, for all practical reasons it is bird-less) but they worked the area anyway. One always in a tree drawing a crown while the other looked around with a Jay or two in tow. What was so beautiful was to watch how graceful the Melins maneuvered turning on a whisk , it was like watching a ballet in the sky.  When the Merlin would turn or dive the Jays would scatter quickly, it was a game of cat and mouse that I could of watched all day. Seeing the pickens were poor and they tired of the Jays the two Merlins headed on down the gravel road.
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO
Bird by bird I've come to know the earth.
Pablo Neruda.
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